Stryker Femoral Head Complainants Given More Time to Submit Facts

hip replacement

The LFIT V40 Stryker femoral head, made of a combination of cobalt and chromium, was officially recalled by the Stryker company in August 2017.

The admitted problem with the Stryker femoral head revolved around how it locked down onto its stem, the part of a hip prosthetic unit that is implanted into the major bone of the upper thigh known as the femur.

According to the Stryker, makers of the Stryker femoral head, this component had a higher percentage of failure in recipients at the junction of the stem, which can cause instability and numerous problems leading to the need for premature revision surgery.

Hip revision involves removal of the prosthetic and replacing it with another. Since the surgery is so invasive to begin with, the need for a second one can pose even greater risks including loss of bone tissue, leg length discrepancies, and blood clots, just to name a few.

The LFIT V40 Stryker femoral head was created to be used with several potential Stryker stem products, including Accolade, ABG II, Citation TMZF HA, Exeter V40, Hipstar, Meridian PA, Rejuvenate, Reliance PF,…