Problems with Pradaxa Put Lives at Risk, Patients Say

Problems with Pradaxa Put Lives at Risk, Patients Say

Reported complications linked to Pradaxa have become a widespread concern throughout the United States, with patients and doctors worried over potentially fatal internal bleeding.

While the recently released bleeding antidote Praxbind helps prevent these internal bleeding incidents from becoming fatal, reported problems with Pradaxa still plague the country. Pradaxa bleeding risks became common knowledge not long after the drug’s release in 2010, when patients began reporting internal bleeding incidents.

According to the FDA, there were 307 internal bleeding incidents in conjunction with Pradaxa prescriptions within its first three months on the market. Within its first years, there were over 260 alleged deaths linked with Pradaxa bleeding incidents including: gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhage, and stroke.

Before Praxbind was released, the only way patients could be treated from internal bleeding was undergoing dialysis to flush the medication from their bloodstream. This treatment takes hours to conduct, with patients often forced to undergo blood transfusions.

The FDA eventually warned the public against these problems with Pradaxa in December 2011, stating the medication could potentially induce uncontrollable internal bleeding. The FDA issued this warning after over 2,300 patients reportedly developed Pradaxa internal bleeding incidents, which made doctors concerned that this medication is unreasonably dangerous to patients.

Numerous critics at the time complained that Pradaxa should not be available for…