Patients Suffering Blood Filter Complications Opt for IVC Filter Lawsuit

IVC filter complications Bard Meridian chest x-ray

C.R. Bard and other inferior vena cava (IVC) filter manufacturers are facing growing public scrutiny for complications reported in conjunction with these blood clot filters, with many patients opting to file their own IVC filter lawsuit. Patients can file their own IVC filter lawsuit to seek compensatory damages.

In order to be eligible to file an IVC filter lawsuit, patients must have had an IVC filter implanted for blood clot prevention. Patients may qualify even if they did not experience IVC filter complications.

IVC filters are small metal cage-like devices that directly implanted in the body’s vena cava, the largest vein in the human body. The vena cava is a vital part of the body’s circulation, with IVC filters providing a safe alternative for patients who cannot be prescribed anticoagulant treatment.

IVC filters work by blocking and preventing blood clots that form in the legs and pelvis, from traveling to the heart and lungs. This ultimately prevents the onset of blood clot attacks and thereby increases the longevity of the patient’s life. When IVC filters were originally released, they were meant only for permanent placement, but manufacturers have recently developed and released retrievable models meant for temporary implantation.

However, numerous patients have alleged retrievable models are made from inferior components and are prone to breaking apart inside the patient.

Oftentimes patients have to undergo revision surgery to explant…