McKesson Shareholders File Opioid Epidemic Lawsuit

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As part of a May 2008 settlement with McKesson, agreements were made to step up self-monitoring of opioid shipments sent to buyers. An opioid epidemic lawsuit was filed by shareholders of the company alleging these agreements were not kept by the corporation.

According to BloombergQuint, presiding Delaware Chancery Judge Sam Glasscock III mandated that the opioid epidemic lawsuit, filed confidentially in October of this year, become part of the public record.

The opioid epidemic lawsuit is specifically addressed to current and top officers of the McKesson corporation who were running the show while the opioid epidemic marched into full swing.

The named defendants in the lawsuit are individuals who operated as part of the board of trustee’s audit committee and were responsible for risk assessment, protection, and full compliance of the settlement agreement. Also named as defendants in the opioid epidemic lawsuit are the company’s former Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), former General Counsel, Lead Independent Director and Board Member, respectively.

The filing plaintiff is a McKesson shareholder named Chalie S. Charlie accuses the corporation of failing to adhere to its own settlement terms by failing to flag suspicious and redundant opioid orders from the pharmacies that sparked the initial lawsuit in the first place.

U.S. federal law makes it mandatory for distributors of prescription drugs, especially narcotics, to report…