Influx of Stryker Hip Lawsuits Follow the 2016 Femoral Head Recall

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Numerous Stryker hip lawsuits are being overseen in the New Jersey Superior Court, each alleging serious complications from the hip replacement implant.

Over 100 Stryker hip lawsuits have been filed in a New Jersey county court with another 223 filed in the District Court of Massachusetts. The lawsuits address complications involving Stryker’s LFIT Femoral Head component.

In August 2016, Stryker announced a recall of their LFIT V40 femoral heads that were manufactured before 2011. The recall was prompted by a large number of reports involving taper-lock failure. Due to the risks associated with the failure of the LFIT V40 femoral head, the FDA designated the Stryker recall as a Class II recall, the second most serious recall category. Over 42,000 units were affected by the recall. The recent recall is thought to have prompted the sudden influx of Stryker hip lawsuits.

Taper-lock failure occurs when the junction between the femoral head and the femoral stem, the part that is implanted into the femur, begins to corrode and loosen. A loss of integrity in this connection can compromise the joint and cause serious problems.

Patients with taper-lock failure in their LFIT V40 femoral head often experience…