Hernia Surgical Mesh Lawsuit Joins Growing Atrium Medical MDL

Hernia Surgical Mesh Lawsuit joins Growing Atrium Medical MDL

A woman from Alabama recently filed a hernia surgical mesh lawsuit, after allegedly experiencing serious device complications soon after her surgery.

This hernia mesh surgical mesh lawsuit is joining a growing multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Atrium Medical Corporation, consisting of claims from patients also alleging they suffered serious hernia mesh complications.

Plaintiff Deborah M. opted to file this hernia surgical mesh lawsuit, after discovering the company either knew or should have known of their device’s allegedly defective nature. According to the hernia surgical mesh lawsuit, Deborah opted to have the C-QUR hernia mesh product implanted on Sept. 9, 2010.

Deborah reportedly made this decision after discussing the option with her physician, who recommended the device for hernia repair. This is a typical use for the C-QUR hernia mesh device, with Atrium Medical marketing the product as a safe and effective treatment option for this condition.

The C-QUR and many other hernia mesh products consist of an Omega-3 fatty acid coating and are made from a polypropylene material, which is designed to induce inflammation. The inflammation encourages tissue growth in the hernia repair area, which causes tissue to form around the mesh and allow for a quick recovery.

Overview of Hernia Surgical Mesh Lawsuit

With these benefits in mind, Deborah says she had no reason to believe she was at risk for serious device complications. While Deborah reportedly suffered no initial complications, her hernia surgical mesh lawsuit cites several debilitating complications…