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We rely on drugs and medical devices to improve our quality of life, but sometimes companies release unsafe products to the market that may cause terrible- sometimes irreversible side effects. It is vital to know which medical devices and drugs are safe, and which ones are not.

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We make the decision to use drugs and medical devices expecting to get better.   Unfortunatle some cause serious or deadly side effects and complications. You have the right to understand the risks and potentially receive compensation if you were harmed by  a drug or medical device.

We can connect you to the experts that wil help guide you through this process.

Featured News

Featured news dives deeper into topics that affect you. These articles explore the most recent drug alerts, educate you on existing cases and more.

Eye Floaters After Avastin Injection Can Cause a Lot of Damage

Author: Tracy Colman / Source: Top Class Actions Eye floaters after Avastin injection, a common treatment for many eye...
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Widow Adds New Lawsuit to Growing Xarelto MDL After Husband’s Death

Author: Joanna Szabo / Source: Top Class Actions An Arkansas woman has added a lawsuit to the growing Xarelto MDL on...
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Examination of the Stryker Femoral Head Hip Implant Recall

Author: Amanda Antell / Source: Top Class Actions The recent Stryker femoral head recall removed thousands of...
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New Lawsuit Joins DePuy Pinnacle MDL

Author: Sarah Markley / Source: Top Class Actions A Kentucky man has filed a new lawsuit that has joined the DePuy...
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Plaintiff Files Lawsuit Due to Blood Clot Filter Complications

Author: Heba Elsherif / Source: Top Class Actions A plaintiff, Karene M., has filed a products liability claim in a...
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Plaintiff Files Mirena Lawsuit Alleging Diagnosis of Pseudotumor Cerebri

Author: Heba Elsherif / Source: Top Class Actions A plaintiff, Nicole A., files a products liability litigation...
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